A Letter From Pastor Mark

In November 2017, God invited us into a new chapter of ministry, one that would challenge our faith, stretch our disciple-making and take us Beyond Belief. In that moment, CCC—through God’s grace —devoted $22 million dollars in commitments and expected gifts to accomplish all the things God to which he has called us.

Already God has done tremendous things here at CCC, in Omaha, and across the world! Thank you God, and thank you CCC! As we hit the midpoint of this adventure, we invite everyone who calls CCC home to pray.

Ask God to unleash new resources. Pray that God would use you to make a commitment if you did not last November. Pray about finishing strong. Pray about increasing your commitment if God has increased your faith or your resources in the past year. Together, God can take us to places that are Beyond Belief!

God has great things in store for us, including a renovated gym, a coffee shop in the porch, the Church Residency program, more missionaries, more church plants, more lost people coming to faith, more kids growing to know Jesus, more marriages restored, more healing and more love poured out across the world! May God’s grace fill us for every dream he has for us.

Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor


We’re all about making disciples of Jesus for Kingdom impact.